First Friday - June

Posted on June 14, 2018
by Will Gray
Breakout Games headquarters is a bustling office space filled with shipping containers, cutting-edge technology, ping pong tables, and of course a bright and hard working team! We’re all brought together once a month for ‘First Friday’, a team development event that provides a time for us all to get together and grow.
First Friday is simple in concept yet has incredible value for the Breakout culture. Here is how the afternoon looks…
  1. We share a meal with each other
It’s often encouraged to interact with team members that you don’t normally work with on a daily basis. We’re passionate about bringing people together in escape rooms as well as around a table for a meal.
  1. We learn from a talk prepared by a guest speaker in our city, Lexington, KY
Each month we center First Friday around a theme. This month’s theme was ‘Influence’. We heard from Adam Edelen, former Kentucky State Auditor, and current solar power pioneer. He shared about his vision and passion to create jobs and clean energy in the state of Kentucky. Using his influence, he’s successfully been able to connect coal mining property owners in eastern KY with French solar power executives. With the decline of coal mining, this partnership will help hundreds of Kentuckians find jobs, not to mention the millions it will help with clean energy.
  1. We participate in a group activity
The activity this month was to prepare a business idea in 20 minutes and pitch the idea in under 60 seconds (we really like a race against the clock). All in 20 minutes, we had to come up with a business name, slogan, logo, and description. Ideas we cultivated included: a system to create renewable energy in gyms powered by your movement on ellipticals, a public art guild where artists can come and practice, learn, and share their art, and a real estate development tool training homeowners to be their own realtor.
Every month we have our First Friday event at Breakout HQ not only to have some fun, but also to develop our teams in a new and exciting way. We want to challenge ourselves with projects that are out of our comfort zones and connect with the Breakout family while we’re doing it.