Posted on March 31, 2021
by Will Gray


Contest Champions Donate Cash Winnings To Charities Of Their Choosing
Breakout Games, a national escape room brand with 38 locations nationwide, announced the champions of its week-long virtual escape room competition which ended on Monday, March 29. The brand hosted the Breakout Games Virtual Madness competition in conjunction with the annual college basketball tournament, March Madness, challenging participants to test their problem-solving skills through a series of online escape room scenarios.
The winning team, “Burning Prospects,” consists of five players from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose, California, as well as New York City. The team beat out 11 additional teams to win the title Best Virtual Escape Room Gamers and a $500 cash donation to the charity of their choosing.
“Our motto at Breakout Games is Escape Ordinary,’” said Bryce Anderson, co-founder of Breakout Games. “That’s exactly why we hosted this virtual escape room competition; we provided an opportunity for people to step outside the box by encouraging competition and fun in this time of virtual living.”
Collectively, the team decided to donate their winnings to Agape International Missions whose mission is to help people escape from slavery and sex trafficking, Dragon Theatre’s Spark Change campaign that aims to provide resources for artists so they can continue creating and thriving in the Bay Area and beyond, and Tipping Point Community whose focus is fighting poverty in the Bay Area.
The competition was designed to test the teams’ wit, teamwork skills and mental agility in several of Breakout’s proprietary escape room scenarios in a virtual setting, including The Kidnapping, Mystery Mansion, Museum Heist and Hostage. Breakout live-streamed portions of the Breakout Virtual Madness Competition on its Twitch profile, where viewers were encouraged to vote on the team they favored to win.
In the midst of COVID-19 and in response to social distancing guidelines, Breakout Games modified its traditional escape room model to create an innovative, virtual escape room so players could escape ordinary from the safety of their homes in April 2020. The virtual escape rooms are still available to players internationally.
“Amidst the pandemic and social distancing guidelines, we knew we had to get creative to meet people where they are at home while also helping to flatten the curve,” said Anderson. “Our priority is to make the excitement of our escape rooms and the connection between friends and family available to folks at home.”
Founded in 2014, Breakout Games is a leader in the growing escape-room industry, offering live-action entertainment at 38 locations nationwide. To find out more information, visit

Founded in 2014, Breakout Games is a leader in the growing escape-room industry, offering live-action entertainment at 38 locations in 21 states. Each Breakout escape room features multiple hour-long scenarios where visitors must crack codes, discover clues and solve puzzles in order to “escape” along with family, friends and coworkers. Building upon the success of its interactive, beat-the-clock adventures, Breakout Games also offers Dispatch, a monthly subscription-based crime mystery game that is designed to be solved at home using physical clues and interactive websites. To learn more about Breakout Games and Dispatch by Breakout, visit