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Why Choose Breakout For Your Team

Unique Office Party

Be a Hero. Make your company party something people enjoy and remember.

Build a Successful Team

Use Breakout to teach your team to work together, value everyone’s contribution and build relationships.

Individual Gifts for the Office

Encourage employees to invest in their families by giving them a 4 or 8 person Breakout experience.

All you need is a willingness to put your heads together and try something new. We supply the props, a game master, 60 minutes of challenging fun, and after game exercises that extend the experience beyond the room. Good for 2-8 players per room, but we can accommodate larger groups of 100-200 depending on the location.

Identify Your Teammates

Breakout brings out the best in your teammates. Can you identify whose traits will shine through when the clock is running?
Problem-solver: focuses on clues and progress
Communicator: informs group and makes connections
Coordinator: strategizes and organizes
Motivator: encourages and supports
Competitor: tracks time and progress
Newport News Locations
Breakout Games - Newport News

14346 Warwick Boulevard Suite 416

Newport News, VA 23602

Phone: 757-849-0318

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