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Unique Office Party

Be a Hero. Make your company party something people enjoy and remember.

Build a Successful Team

Use Breakout to teach your team to work together, value everyone’s contribution and build relationships.

Individual Gifts for the Office

Encourage employees to invest in their families by giving them a 4 or 8 person Breakout experience.

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Package with a fun, one-time team-building experience during the workweek. Starting at $175 per room.
  • Private Experience
  • Customizable Start Time
  • Team Building Q&A
  • Team Photos
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Our GameMasters Suggest

4-5 people per room for the ultimate experience. This allows everyone to feel included as they collaborate together. The experience is fun, immersive, and engaging.

  • Problem-solver: focuses on clues and progress
  • Communicator: informs and connects
  • Coordinator: strategizes and organizes
  • Motivator: encourages and supports
  • Competitor: tracks time and progress

To find out more about our corporate and group offerings at Breakout use the contact form below.

How our clients are using Breakout:

  • Employee On-Boarding
  • Employees of the Month
  • Employee Incentives
  • Fundraising
  • Host Multiple Team Building Events a Year

Highlights from escape room champions

Birthday Party, Columbus

"You never know how teenagers are going to react to a birthday party but ALL of the guys in my son's 18th surprise celebration really enjoyed the experience at Breakout Games! BOTH groups broke out of their respective rooms (Kidnap & Hostage) BEFORE the time elapsed! They all thanked me for organizing and said they definitely had a great time.....they even want to come back and try the other escape rooms. Thank you to the staff at Breakout Games for the challenging yet exciting birthday experience!"

Springfield Basketball, Columbus

"Columbus was very helpful and polite. I really appreciate you as well. Thank you for making it convenient and a great experience for our team. We will definitely be back."

Name Avanade Inc., Columbus

“We all had an excellent time at Breakout Games in Grandview—I would definitely recommend to a friend. This activity helped our team get to know each other better and have a bit of fun on a Friday afternoon.”

Kimball Midwest, Columbus

“It was so much fun. I think we will definitely do this again as a team this year.”

Columbus Locations
Breakout Games - Columbus
Breakout Games - Columbus
Breakout Columbus is a set of real life games where you and your friends follow clues and solve puzzles to escape a room before the clock runs out.

835 Grandview Ave.
Columbus, OH 43215

Phone: 614-796-4073

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