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Birthdays, holidays, surprises and everything in between – we’ve got your gift needs covered.

Recipients can choose from all available games when they redeem their gift, and they can be used any time, with any group.


Gather all of your friends for the best value.

Private Experience for 8 PLAYERS $20.99 per person
Private Experience for 4 PLAYERS $27.99 per person
Private Experience for 2 PLAYERS $35.99 per person

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Why gift Breakout?

No more boring gifts (goodbye socks!)
Get the family off the couch
Be part of the story instead of watching one
A way to finally mix up those less-than-exciting bowling nights

Looking for an escape room gift to take home?

Imagine the experience of Breakout in your own home, a new kind of escape called Dispatch. It’s a step apart from everyday entertainment — better than a book, more engaging than television — think of it as an immersive mystery where you wear the detective hat.

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Breakout Games - Lexington
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