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Top Escape Room Myths Busted

Posted on February 24, 2023
by Faith Neece
It’s hard to know exactly what to expect if you’ve never played an escape room. You might come in with a lot of misconceptions. And even if you have played before, you still might be believing some myths about how the rooms will work that can actually hinder you when playing. 
Well don’t worry, because we’re here to bust those escape room myths for you! The more you know, the more likely you’ll be to break out.

Myth 1: The clues will start easy and get harder as you go.
Many people assume that the first part of the room should be the easiest. But that’s usually not true. In fact, sometimes getting started is one of the hardest parts of the escape room. So don't panic if it's difficult at the beginning.

Myth 2: Having to ask for a clue means that you’re not doing well.
This is one of the BIGGEST misconceptions about escape rooms. In fact, we have a whole post dedicated to why you SHOULD ask for hints
But the main thing you need to know is that asking for hints doesn’t mean you’re not smart or not good at escape rooms. In fact, it’s a good strategy for solving the room. Hints are resources, and using them means you’re using your resources.
It’s totally up to you how many clues to use, but trust us, game masters everywhere strongly encourage you to use them!

Myth 3: Clues will need to be reused.
We can’t speak for all escape rooms, but for each of our escape rooms, you will not need to come back to a clue and use it again. You may have to use a tool like a blacklight or flashlight more than once, but you will not have to use an actual clue again. 

Bonus Quick Myths
Some more quick myths to bust:
  1. You’re locked in and can’t leave the whole hour (the door never actually locks! Safety first!)
  2. You MUST have outside knowledge to solve the room.
  3. Randomly scrambling numbers or letters will get you to the solution.
  4. The game master’s name is a clue or solution.
  5. The answer to a lock is 1,2,3,4.

We hope these tips help you bust out of your next escape room! To explore your options at Breakout, click here