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Are you ready to escape ordinary? Breakout Games - Minneapolis has thrilling escape rooms with a variety of game themes that are perfect for having fun with your friends, family, or even a team building exercise with your coworkers. Our company is a leader in the escape room industry and you'll experience the difference when you visit us in Minneapolis. Learn more about our escape rooms below. Can you and your team escape?

What Are Escape Rooms?

A Life-Sized Game of Twists & Turns where your team searches for clues and solves puzzles to accomplish your mission and escape before time expires.

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Escape Rooms in Minneapolis

Do Not Disturb

This escape room is the sequel to The Kidnapping. You've tracked the kidnapper to a motel, but are caught and must escape.

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The Kidnapping

In one of our first and most popular escape rooms, you are handcuffed in a room and must escape in time.

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Escape Room Reviews Escape Room Reviews

"We had an amazing time! We were a group of four that played with 3 other people in the kidnapping. The puzzles were fun and really made us think! Tons of fun!!! We are planning to return again during our stay-cation later this week!"

Linda E. from Plymouth, MN

"Very fun it was a challenge and nice that you can get as much help as you want or you can choose to try and figure it out all on your own. We will definitely do it again."

Steve M. from Wayata, Minnesota

"Great staff, excellent customer service, love the experience! Would definitely go again."

Brooke H. from Osseo, MN

"Great time with a group of friends. Staff are very friendly and attentive. Try hard and pay close attention to detail. We just missed our final challenge and didn't breakout. So close!"

Robert O. from Spring Lake Park, MN

Operation: Casino

You're a spy and must identify the missing agent in this Casino escape room.

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Escape Room Reviews Escape Room Reviews

"We had a leadership team event all day and ended our event by going to Breakout for some team building time. Everyone had the best time. We had 3 different themed rooms for 3 groups of us. 2 of out of the 3 groups managed to escape. Would definitely go back to try each theme room in the future. I was in the Casino themed room, we really had to work together to solve the puzzles, questions, etc. such a blast."

Kelly S. from Bloomington, MN

"We LOVED this for our family - 7 people -- ages 10 to 70. It was pretty challenging but we made it out with 5 seconds to spare. The staff are extremely helpful with clues and their enthusiasm was contagious. This is a great idea for a family get together! We loved working together on the Casino escape. It would have helped if one of us in the bunch was familiar with the rules of roulette, but we figured it out!"

Laurel F. from Maple Grove, MN

"Such a unique and challenging experience for friends, date night, family game night, team building, or really any type of outing! Operation: Casino was very cool. Shocked by the tech in the room"

Chad N. from Plymouth, MN

"Great family outing. Definitely going back."

Tony B. from Wayzata, MN


In this escape room, your plane has been hijacked and you need to identify the hijackers and escape their headquarters.

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Escape Room Reviews Escape Room Reviews

"We had so much fun! The employees were all very helpful. We can't wait to do it again!"

Kristin W. from Minnetonka, MN

"It was a blast!! All the puzzles and the rush of the clock! I would do my next game in a heartbeat! The game was a blast and the gamemaster made it even better!"

Nicholas G. from Hopkins, MN

"This was really fun! We needed a few hints, but we finished with ten seconds to spare. We did the hostage room and had a blast!"

Paula F. from Minneapolis, MN

"A great ladies night out adventure! Can't wait to try again."

Carol T. from Edina, MN

Island Escape

This escape room mission is to board a boat before a volcano erupts on your island.

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Escape Room Reviews Escape Room Reviews

"Breakout Escape was great! Our group was able to finish the puzzle, but it was very, very challenging and we only solved it minutes to spare. Unlike other puzzle rooms I have been to, this one was much more complicated and had a lot more distractions and intricate, elaborate puzzles."

Jason C. from Maple Grove, MN

"Quite the unique experience! I've done 3 of 4 rooms and each room I have done has been really fun and exciting. Almost real at times. They do a really good job with the technology throughout the place."

Norman H. from Minnetonka, MN

"It was a cool and fun experience. We had a blast in the Island Escape Room!"

Randell G. from Hopkins, MN

Mystery Mansion

This spine-chilling adventure starts in the ruins of an old mansion – abandoned decades ago by a reclusive and eccentric family. Since then, rumors have spread about a presence looming over the old house. Work as a team to race the clock and uncover the mansion's secrets in this all-ages mystery adventure.

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Escape Room Reviews Escape Room Reviews

"Went with friends and had a blast putting our minds together! Cant wait to do this again!"

Sam S. from Minneapolis, MN

"Done a few games here, each one super fun! It's nice being able to ask for clues to make the room as difficult as you like. Our last game master, Shelby, was super friendly and gave great clues when asked. Highly recommend!"

Tressie M. from Minneapolis, MN

"We did this room as a double date. Perfect level of difficulty. We did the Mystery Mansion room and had a great time. Hard enough that we had to think, but not hard enough that we got into fights over solutions. Highly recommend, will be coming back to do more rooms."

Phoebe B. from Minneapolis, MN

We look forward to welcoming you to escape ordinary at our escape rooms. For more on the escape rooms available in Minneapolis, visit our Minneapolis Escape Rooms page. For our current pricing along with any upcoming specials and group discounts, visit the Escape Room Minneapolis Prices page.

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