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The more rooms you book, the more you save!

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Each Additional Room: $123.75

All rooms are completely private - for your players only! We suggest 4-5 players per room for team building. For all other events, each room can hold 7-8 players max.

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Why Choose Breakout For Your Team

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Unique Office Party

Be a Hero. Make your company party something people enjoy and remember.

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Build a Successful Team

Use Breakout to teach your team to work together, value everyone’s contribution and build relationships.

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Individual Gifts for the Office

Encourage employees to invest in their families by giving them a 4 or 8 person Breakout experience.

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Engaging Field Trip

Teach students critical thinking and important communication skills, all while having fun.

Breakout Team Roll-Call: Problem-Solver, Communicator, Coordinator, Motivator, Competitor
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Escape Room Directions