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Are you ready to escape ordinary? Breakout's Imagine Escape Rooms has thrilling escape rooms with a variety of game themes that are perfect for having fun with your friends, family, or even a team building exercise with your coworkers. Our company is a leader in the escape room industry and you'll experience the difference when you visit us in Tampa. Learn more about our escape rooms below. Can you and your team escape?

What Are Escape Rooms?

A Life-Sized Game of Twists & Turns where your team searches for clues and solves puzzles to accomplish your mission and escape before time expires.

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Escape Rooms in Tampa

Current Adventures in Tampa

Alleyway Vigilantes

Take to the streets as masked vigilantes and aid the police in finding the infamous machinist who’s disappeared along with top secret information.


Far underground lies the ancient and powerful DreamWeaver. Embark on a quest to unearth and harness its mystical forces. Beware, you aren’t the only one searching and don’t let the Dark Prince’s evil magic overtake you.

Jungle Gem

Deep in the jungle, the Raza tribe has hidden a powerful source of energy, a rare gemstone called Electra. You are on a mission to retrieve Electra before the natives return, as they do not take kindly to strangers… especially ones escaping with their treasure!


Locate Evil Professor Finn’s secret underwater laboratory and retrieve Sub-Zero, the thermoregulator she has developed from her research on the Pompeii worm. You must escape the lab with Sub-Zero before the professor returns and your air runs out.

We look forward to welcoming you to escape ordinary at our escape rooms. For more on the escape rooms available in Tampa, visit our Tampa Escape Rooms page. For our current pricing along with any upcoming specials and group discounts, visit the Escape Room Tampa Prices page.

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