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5 Lessons Kids Learn from Escape Rooms

Posted on November 19, 2021
by Will Gray
Parents are always on the lookout for activities that pull double duty and are both fun for their kids AND educational. Breakout Games is the perfect sweet spot between the most fun your kids will ever have and some really great life lessons! Here’s 5 things your kids will learn while playing an escape room with us. Don’t miss the discussion questions at the end! You can use them for good conversations with your kids during the car ride home!

1.Think outside the box

This skill is what makes the ultimate Breakout hero. Puzzles require lots of creative thinking, and escape rooms are definitely not the only place you will need to bring a creative mindset to the table. Talk with your kids about how they came up with new and clever solutions, and next time they are stuck on that math problem you will be able to remind them to think outside the box!

2. Teamwork is KEY

One of the best parts of a Breakout room is how every person brings something different to the table. One person might be great at taking notes while another person always spots the hidden clues! Every person has strengths and contributes to an amazing escape!

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

We all get stuck sometimes and need some help, and at Breakout, we have hints for that reason! Almost every group uses one, and sometimes it pays to not be afraid to ask for a little push in the right direction. Stubborn players don’t always breakout, so if you find you need some help, then ask away! Parents and teachers are great “hint” givers, so your kids won’t be afraid to ask for help when they need it after learning this lesson! “Remember when we asked our Game Master for help with solving that clue? It was a huge help! Wasn’t it?”

4. Always check your work

You’ve heard math teachers say this a hundred times, but this life lesson can be used in so many other circumstances! In escape rooms, a missed math problem or trying a code on all the locks but one can mean a major time loss, so this is a great opportunity to teach your kids how important it is to check and double check!

5. Don’t let the pressure get to you

The looming clock in a Breakout room can really build the pressure, and you’ve got to keep your cool to make the escape! Helping your kids think on their feet while in a moment of panic is a huge bonus of doing an escape room together. It’s so easy to get distracted by the excitement of it all, but focusing when the going gets tough will make sure you escape with time still on the clock!
Once you’ve played an escape room with your kids, be sure to talk with them about their experience. Checkout the list of fun and educational discussion questions below for a really productive car ride home!
What is one thing each person did REALLY well when we played? What was your favorite part of the game? What’s something you learned for our next escape room? What surprised you the most? What is the funniest thing that happened while we played? If you could play again what would you do differently?
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