The Best Kids Birthday Idea

Posted on November 12, 2021
by Will Gray
Parents, we know how challenging it can be to plan the perfect birthday party for your kids. Cake and ice cream just doesn’t cut it anymore as you reach the preteen and teen stage and no one wants to be the “uncool parent” and plan a lame birthday party. Don’t worry though, we are hip with the kids (we promise, we even have a tiktok!) and have made the party planning process simple so you can focus on having fun and being the hero to your kids!

Choose Your Guest List

Most of our rooms hold up to 8 players, so you will want to decide who all will join your birthday celebration! Don’t worry if you have more than 8 players though, you can always book more than one room with our Group Booking Package. Whether you are inviting everyone in your class or sticking to a fun family birthday party, your Breakout birthday will be quite the memory maker!

Decide on a Room (Or Rooms!)

We have so many different story lines to choose from and they are all totally unique! You might want a spooky room like Mystery Mansion for an October birthday or Island Escape for your Spring Break parties. There is something for everyone. While some rooms are harder than others, you don’t have to worry about a room being too hard or easy. You get to control the difficulty level based on the number of hints you ask for! If you have a particularly young group, speak with the Manager to find a room that will work for your age range.

It’s All About a Theme!

This is what will really set apart your Breakout Birthday Party from the rest. Playing Submarine Survival? Grab some underwater decorations from your local party supply store! Do your kids love to dress up? Have everyone come to the party wearing costumes that match the story of the room you’ve chosen! Here at Breakout, we love to make every birthday special, call the store ahead of time and let them know the details of your event.

Send Out Invitations

Don’t worry, we’ve made this step easy too! Contact your local breakout store for a fillable PDF invitation that you can share with all your kid’s friends! We can add your party details too and send them to print at your local print shop. We also love to use Canva (it’s free!) to create fun invitations, so find a template you like and change the colors and fonts to whatever your party style is. Pro tip: let your kids be involved in this process so they get to be a part of party planning too!