escape room gift cards

Escape Room Gift Cards

Posted on January 18, 2022
by Will Gray
There’s no better gift than an experience shared with those you love, and at Breakout Games, we value those moments more than anything. A Gift Card to Breakout is the perfect gift for anyone you care about on their birthday, for the holidays, or just because!

Deals and Discounts

We love to participate in the season of giving, so every Holiday season we gather some of our best deals and discounts and make them available to you. If you are wanting to give a Breakout room, the holidays are a great time to stock up on gift cards! This is one of the easiest gifts to buy: no muss, no fuss, and your friends and family can enjoy a spectacular experience together. Breakout Gift Cards are a great gift to give all year round! Check out this blog post to see why experiences make the best gifts!

How They Work

At Breakout, we always want to make things fun and easy, so we designed our gift card process with that in mind! To purchase a gift card you simply choose the location you want your gift card for, select the number of players you would like to include in the gift card, and make your purchase. You can click here year round to get your gift card!
Once you make your purchase, you will receive a voucher code via email. Whenever the players are ready to book, they can call Breakout Games and recite the voucher code over the phone or visit our website and enter the code at checkout. Be careful though! Our gift cards are created on a location basis. So if you buy a gift card for our Indianapolis location, your friend in Columbus won’t be able to use it. It will only work at the location it was purchased for.

How to Gift a Gift Card

Whenever you purchase your gift card, you have a few gifting options. You can choose to receive the code directly and give the recipient the code in a creative way or write it in a card. You can also choose to email the voucher directly for a simple and easy way to deliver the gift. Check out this blog post for some other fun ideas!
If you prefer a physical gift card, visit your local Breakout Games and your Lobby Host can help you get one! This is also a great time to purchase some fun T-Shirts and grab a few flyers for all the different rooms we have to offer. Here's a list of all the rooms we've ever created, but check with your local store to see which games they have.

Why our Gift Cards are the Best

Breakout Gift Cards are the best experience gifts because they are so easy to give and so FUN to receive! They never expire so your recipients don’t have to rush to get in (though we sure can’t wait to see them)! Since our gift cards aren’t specific to a room theme, you can also be sure that your family and friends get to choose an escape room that they have never played before and is fun and exciting for them. It’s the best way to give! We have never seen someone leave Breakout without a smile on their face, so you are sure to be the hero of gift giving this year!
Still have questions? Here's a few FAQs that might help!
  1. Will my gift card ever expire?
Nope! Breakout Gift Cards can be used at any time barring the occasional black out dates from a specific promotion. You can see our current deals and discounts here!
  1. Can gift cards be split up between people?
Breakout gift cards are designed for a group of people and are intended to be used all at once. If the group decides to add on players at the last minute, they are welcome to purchase additional spots in the room. Again, our gift cards are intended to be used all at once so there won’t be any cash value left on a gift card with from unused spots in a room.
  1. Are gift cards specific to a Breakout location?
Yes! You will need to purchase a gift card specific to the city that your players intend to play in. If you have Escape Room fanatics that don’t live in a city with a Breakout, be sure to check out Dispatch, our at home subscription box escape room experience!
  1. Can I buy gift cards for myself?
Absolutely! If we are running a promotion, this is a great “life hack” and a way to purchase a future escape room at a discounted rate. Don’t forget, these gift cards never expire so you are always welcome to purchase a gift card and play any time you like!