Group of kids posing with their escape time written on a board at an escape room

5 Tips for Playing Escape Rooms with Kids

Posted on December 23, 2022
by Faith Neece
One of the most frequently asked questions about Breakout is if kids can play our escape rooms. The answer is an absolute yes! 
Kids are some of Breakout’s biggest fans. Not only do kids have a great time in our escape rooms, but they also learn valuable lessons by doing something fun AND educational.
But there are some things that you can do as a parent, older sibling, teacher, babysitter, or whatever role you’re in, to make the escape room experience the best it can be for players of all ages. Here are our tips for playing escape rooms with children:

Pick the right room.
We’ve seen kids have a great time in each one of our escape rooms. None of our rooms have an age limit, but some rooms may be more suitable for the children in your group based on their ages and interests. We have some suggestions on which rooms to pick, but you can also call your local Breakout store and ask for their input.

Let them explore.
Kids are often the best clue-finders! They tend to be naturally curious and observant, and they’re good at finding things that are out of place. Encourage them to search around the room, open drawers, check pockets, etc. Even if they don’t always know what to do with a clue, they can at least help you find it.

Ask for more hints.
At Breakout, you get to decide the difficulty level of the room. Our game masters will give you as many clues as you ask for. When playing with younger kids, we recommend asking for more clues. We’ll never give you the answer, just a push in the right direction.

Help out when necessary.
Some parts of our rooms are pretty challenging and will likely be difficult for kids to figure out. Know that you’ll have to step in and help. You can still help children feel included by encouraging them, thanking them for what they are able to do, and explaining what’s happening if they don’t understand.

Focus on having fun.
Of course, everybody wants to escape, but making memories is more important than winning or losing. If you had a great time, that’s a win in our book! Encourage the kids in your group by staying positive no matter the outcome. 

We hope these tips help! For more info on playing escape rooms with kids, check out this list of parent FAQs.